Rich in History, Rich in Beauty...
Discover the beauty of Loreto while relaxing in the tranquil ambiance of the indigo hued Sea of Cortez. As the first capital of the Californias, Loreto's culture runs as deep as its rich history. Come explore the warmth of Loreto's community. Enjoy world-class sport fishing and play golf and tennis at the Nopolo recreational sports complex. With year round temperatures averaging in the 80's, outdoor activities are always available. Try sailing, kayaking, diving, horseback riding, mountain biking and beachcombing to your heart's content. When your appetite has grown from a long day of playing under the warm rays of the Mexican sun, indulge in fresh cuisine perfected for over three hundred years. Accommodations range from an all-inclusive resort on the beach to quaint boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts in town.
  • In 1697, Jesuit priest Padre Juan Maria Salvatierra and a small group of loyal followers came upon San Dionisio, a small port where steep lavender mountains with spreading palms divided the arid desert from the cobalt sea. He carried with him the Virgin of Loreto and as he placed her image on a wooden cross, adorned with wildflowers, Loreto, the first capital of the Californias, was born.
  • The Sierra La Giganta mountain range, one of the tallest and most spectacular in Baja, overlooks the town of Loreto and creates breathtaking panoramic vistas. The surrounding desert is rich with unique plant and animal life and the water teems with aquatic life, creating unlimited eco-tour opportunities.
  • The quiet, quaint streets of downtown Loreto offer numerous boutiques from which you will discover the amazing creativity of the Mexican people. "Productos artisanias" or "artists products" refer to the myriad of hand-made arts and crafts found throughout Mexico. In Loreto, you'll find genuine silver jewelry, paintings, fine textiles from the mainland, ceramic and wood sculptures, blown glass and metal designs, finely carved lamps and furniture and much, much more. Don't hesitate to ask questions about the art or bargain with the local vendors, as this is a long running and fun tradition in Mexico. Be curious and courteous and you'll really enjoy the shopping experience in Loreto.
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